Purchase New/Existing Reseller Package

You can get a trial streaming subscription from streamingtvnow.com to test the service. We do not offer trials for the panel to create/manage users. 

You can make a lot of money running your own IPTV Reseller business. IPTV subscriptions are very popular right now and the market is expanding really fast! The huge demand for quality live television at a low cost means that you can make a lot of money reselling IPTV. The most challenging part for resellers is finding a provider with high-quality service.

The key factor that contributes to the success of your IPTV reseller business is customer satisfaction. Why? This is a subscription-based business, and when customers are fully satisfied and happy with the service, they will renew again and again for months and years to come allowing you to acquire more $$$ from a single customer.

Additionally, the referrals and free advertisement you win from happy customers because they recommend and advertise your business to friends and family through word-of-mouth will increase your profits.

If you want to rebrand our service and sell it as your very own IPTV service?  Use our credits, reliable streams, and experienced team to help you create your own quality brand! Message us to learn more!


Credit breakdown – STN Panel

2 credits = 1 month 4 device subscription

5 credits = 3 month 4 device subscription

8 credits = 6 month 4 device subscription

11 credits = 12 month 4 device subscription

Resellers 50

$250 USD
  • 50 Reseller Credits

Resellers 60

$275 USD
  • 60 Reseller Credits

Resellers 100

$450 USD
  • 100 Reseller Credits

Resellers 200

$800 USD
  • 200 Reseller Credits

Resellers 500

$1500 USD
  • 500 Reseller Credits

Resellers 1000

$3000 USD
  • 1000 Reseller Credits